Hailfax TARS Clubhouse Fundraiser

Halifax TARS Clubhouse Fundraiser

The Halifax TARS are Nova Scotia's largest, and one of Atlantic Canada's largest Rugby Clubs.   Founded in 1976, and based in Nova Scotia's Capital, we field 2 men's and 2 women's teams, and run Junior and Mini Rugby programs for all ages.     Despite being a city of 500K, which is home to our club and 6 others in the surrounding area, Halifax has no rugby facility- no washroom, change rooms, meeting, or social facilities.   

In  mid 2020, our long-time goal to provide a well-equipped, accessible, inclusive home for Rugby in Halifax and Nova Scotia jumped toward reality when we were able to confirm $1.05 million in trilevel government funding to build a 5000 square foot, 2 level clubhouse, complete with 4 change rooms, a banquet hall, and a viewing deck.  These funds were very close to what thought we needed to fully complete the project.    Problems with the soil and a Covid building boom have not been our friends, however.  We must literally start our build from the ground up, digging or drilling down 20 feet to the bedrock, which will cost up to $200K more.   Demand for materials has driven prices way up, raising our building cost another $400K.

We have an aggressive plan to ask for further Government assistance and to work with the corporate world.   Unfortunately, this likely won't be enough.  We are asking the broader rugby community, our national and international family, to consider donating to our final push.   We are getting started in June, but need your help to put the funds in place to finish the job.  

When we're complete, we would love to host you in our beautiful seaside city, and show off our East Coast hospitality.   We look forwarding to watching recreational and top level rugby from our deck, seeing our future National team players develop, and sharing the brother and sisterhood of our game over a cool beverage of choice.    

See our full story at www.halifaxtars.ca  and learn about our Founder's, President's, Platinum, and Gold Club supporters levels.   Every show of support is greatly appreciated!

For any questions, please contact Club Chairman Dr. John Gillis at drgillis@24care.ca or Club President Elliott Kayser at ek@exigentevents.com

To make a tax deductible donation, please click below, or for special benefit donation amounts over $1000, please contact us!