Rugby is a sport that is seeing a passionate fan base growing across Canada. Supporting our men’s and women’s teams does not only mean on the world stage, but also on the journey that begins at the grassroots level leading right up to our national teams. How well our players are assisted in the vital years of their development impacts their personal and team achievements at the highest level.

At Rugby Canada, we are committed to building a system for developing the most competitive athletes possible. Our goal in 2020 is to provide the best access to the resources our athletes need most to succeed. Now, more than ever, assistance from enthusiasts like you are instrumental in their success.

Together, we can empower our Canadian athletes to reach for winning performances that will catapult us on the world stage. It’s up to us all to invest in the dream and to envision our game being played in every school and community, and with pride in stadiums around the globe.

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